Working KITAS

You must get a Work Visa KITAS, which permits foreign nationals to work legally in Indonesia, if you want to work or earn money there

It is not feasible to obtain a work permit prior to employment because it is only provided for a specific position in a single organization. Additionally, it is not permitted for you to hold many jobs or work for several companies simultaneously.

Working for an organization that is registered with Indonesia, such as a Foreign Owned Company (PMA), a Representative Office, or an Indonesian Owned Company (PT Local), is required to receive the Working Kitas. 

Working KITAS

Depending on your job title, a work permit may be granted for a variety of times that may or may not be extended. If you work as a director, commissioner, or senior manager, you can often obtain a work visa for 12 months (which is extendable), however you can obtain a 6 month (which is not extendable) visa if you hold an advisory post. Because this visa allows for numerous entries, you are free to leave and return as often as you like while it is still valid.

A 100 USD monthly fee known as the DPKK fund is required for work permits for the duration of the visa. Prior to receiving the visa, this has to be paid to the Ministry of Manpower.

Required Documents

Company Documents

  1. Blank document with the company’s letterhead with address, email, phone number and stamp of the company
  2. Deed of establishment company.
  3. Company’s License.
  4. Domicile Letter of company.
  5. Company Register Letter (NIB).
  6. Corporate Tax Registry (NPWP Tax Card).
  7. Decree of Ministry of Law and Human Rights (SK Menteri)
  8. Director’s ID/passport
  9. Local ID of employees of at least 10 people in terms made WL report (employment of I foreigner supposed to be followed by 10 local employees)
  10. Photo HRD red background
  11. Color scanned copy of Family Card HRD (KK)
  12. Organizational structure of the company with Director’s sign and company stamp.
  13. The latest Wajib lapor online (Online Employment Report).
  14. NPP (Nomor Pendaftaran Perusahaan) BPJS Tenaga Kerja / Company Registration Number Social Security Employee Company

Personal Documents

  1. Passport (validity minimum 18 months).
  2. Color scanned copy of Health Insurance.
  3. CV (Curriculum Vitae).
  4. Color scanned copy of Bachelor Degree certificate in English (legalize).
  5. Reference letter from previous company (minimum 5 years).
  6. Detail information such as email address, phone number, address in Bali, area of work, and occupation
  7. Bank statement minimum ISD 1500 (IDR 20.000.000)
  8. Passport photo with red background

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