Investor KITAS

The Investor Kitas is a visa created especially for foreign business investors in Indonesia, enabling them to frequently visit and exit the country throughout the duration of the visa while living and managing their businesses there with relative ease

The applicant must be a Director or Commissioner of a foreign-owned business (PT PMA) in Indonesia in order to be eligible for an Investor Kitas. You are able to apply for the Investor Kitas after your firm is established. [Find out more PT PMA] The e-visa application procedure takes 7–10 business days, and customers must visit Indonesia within 90 days of the e-visa’s issuance date.

Investor KITAS

You must exchange your Vitas into Investor Kitas after you’ve arrived in Indonesia. It will take this procedure around 10 to 14 working days. An appointment time for a biometric session will be given to you once you have turned in your passport at the immigration office. You will get your passport back at the end of the procedure, together with your Investor Kitas (also known as Itas) online.

Within 14 days of the kitas issuance, you must register at the Civil Departments, whereby you will obtain your SKSKPS (Certificate of Family Formation of Temporary Residents) and STM (police Certificate).

A director of a company who is the holder of an Investor KITAS can work as long as the following criteria are satisfied:

  • All tasks handled by the Director must be in accordance with the scope of the company’s business activities, and the Director’s duties shall exclude work activities that involve him in practical day-to-day work
  • The company provides equal opportunities to all Indonesians to work

Investor KITAS


Validity: 2 years

Processing Time:

  • 7-10 working days (e-visa)
  • 40 working days in total (after we receive the passport for e-kitas)


  • Passport identity page (validity 32 months)
  • PMA’s documents
  • Bank statement PMA min 150mill
  • Bank statement personal min 2000$
  • Colored passport
  • Biometric photo
  • Health insurance

Additional Requirement:

Joining The PMA process will take around 3 weeks after that we can apply kitas investor offshore

Documents required:

  • Passport

Kitas offshore process and estimate:

  1. Collect all the data
  2. Apply visa investor (will be issued estimate 2 weeks after we apply)
  3. Customer arrives in indonesia then we will pick up the passport and arrange photo and fingerprints (estimate to get the queue number after we take the passport is 2 weeks)
  4. Customer take pictures and fingerprints in immigration office after that they will receive their passport back within 2 weeks or more (we suggest to not have plans to go to abroad around 2 months after arrival in indonesia

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