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Embrace the Excitement of Effortless Journeying and Remote Work in Bali, The Tropical Paradise of the Archipelago

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Welcome to DNI, your one-stop shop in Bali for travel, tours, visas, and legal assistance. We have spent more than ten years refining the art of stress-free transitions so you can concentrate on enjoying Bali’s beauty or accomplishing your professional objectives. Our outstanding team was carefully chosen not just for their remarkable expertise and abilities, but also for their talent for making complex things look simple. With a proven track record and a drive for excellence, we are committed to providing you with excellent service with the least amount of trouble. You’re in good hands with DNI whether you’re a relaxed traveller eager to explore or a committed remote worker seeking a seamless start in Bali. Allow us to handle the labour-intensive tasks so you can fully appreciate Bali’s allure and wonder.

Our Services

Tour & Travel

With the help of DNI's travel and tour services, explore Indonesia's attractions. We handpick wonderful, hassle-free activities that are customized to your interests and turn your visit into an unforgettable encounter

Visa Services

Experience seamless Indonesian visa services with DNI. Our expert team navigates the complexities, delivering personalized, efficient, and hassle-free visa procedures

Legal Solutions

For all of your legal needs in Bali, rely on the strong and trustworthy staff at DNI. Our specialists ensure that your legal concerns are handled with the highest precision and care by providing strategic solutions and unmatched knowledge

Why Choose Us

Effortless Transition

We simplify visa, legal, and travel processes so you can visit Bali or work there without concern

Experience and Expertise

Indonesian digital nomad services have experience and expertise in handling various types of visas

Personalized Service

We customize our services to match your particular demands, whether you're a remote professional or a tourist, because every request is unique

Trustworthy and Reliable

We've earned a reputation for reliability, honesty, and transparency; our clients' trust is our most valued asset

Network of Resources

Our close ties to regional organizations speed up procedures, remove barriers, and deliver the most up-to-date information possible


Concise, clear information is provided to demystify complicated processes, making your experience simple and enjoyable

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