Panama, Guatemala and Macau Are Now Eligible to UseIndonesia Visa on Arrival

Indonesia’s Ministry of Immigration officially added Panama, Guatemala and Macau to the list of Countries and Special Administrative Regions subject to Indonesia Visa on Arrival (VOA). The new regulation was announced through Circular Letter Number IMI-0133.GR.OI.OI Year 2023. At the moment this article is published, there are 92 countries eligible to use Indonesia Visa on Arrival. Prior to the regulation coming into effect, the Indonesian immigration ministry had granted permission to use visas on arrival gradually for 89 other countries. The most recent are Kenya and Rwanda in February 2023, joining Kazakhstan which has pocketed the Indonesian VOA eligibility in January. See the picture below to understand the complete list of countries subject to Visa on Arrival:

About Indonesia visa on Arrival

From the first quarter of 2022, the VOA scheme has helped simplify many nationals’ access to travel to Indonesia. As an alternative to a tourist visa, Visa on Arrival allows foreigners to stay for 30 days and is often regarded as the simplest entrance permission to obtain instantly upon arrival. This visa provides foreign nationals with an initial 30-day visa to Indonesia. The visa is also extendable for 30 days, granting a maximum stay of 60 days within the country. Applying for VOA is also easy. Foreigners can ask the Immigration officer or straight look for the BRI counter (Official Bank of Indonesia) upon their arrival and make the payment for the visa application on the spot.
Furthermore, applying for a Visa on Arrival can also be done using an Electronic Visa on Arrival (e-VoA) through before leaving for Indonesia. Both the eVoA and VOA applications would not require a guarantor with a flexible payment gateway, using cash, credit/debit card with a Visa, Mastercard or JCB logo.
To apply for a Visa on Arrival on the spot, we recommend you prepare IDR 500,000 IDR or USD 35 in cash as the best option.

Stay longer in Indonesia using visa on Arrival Extension

Questions are spreading around wondering if we could stay longer in Indonesia with a Visa on Arrival. Is it really possible?
Initially, Indonesia Immigration provides another 30 days you can get after extending your VOA. The fee charged for a foreigner to
extend their Indonesia VOA is 500,000 IDR. With the price, applicants still have to visit the immigration office 3 times to perform
several technical procedures before finally getting their visa extended.

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