Indonesia Proposes New Regulations for Visa Onshore Application and Visa Exemptions

Overview of the visa application process in Indonesia

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about significant changes in various aspects of life, including travel and immigration procedures. Since 2021, Indonesian Immigration has issued several additional regulations regarding visas and residence permits for foreigners willing to enter the country. An online visa application scheme was released to accommodate the easy process of getting a visa to Indonesia. However, recent developments indicate that some services might undergo massive amendments. This article discusses the recent updates about upcoming visa regulations coming around the middle starter of 2023.

Visa Online Onshore Disablement

Visa Onshore is a way of applying for a visa that serves as a residence permit for foreigners already in Indonesian territory. Before the COVID-19 outbreak, the concept of visa online onshore application did not exist in Indonesia. These measures were to respond to the lockdown regulation, allowing individuals to apply for visas within Indonesia to repress international traffic in and out of the country. However, with the pandemic situation gradually improving and restrictions revoked, the immigration authorities have decided to deactivate the online process for the onshore visa application process. Immigration proposes to abolish the online onshore visa application policy that would require foreigners to continue the visa application process in their respective countries (offshore). Despite the changes in visa regulations, the option to change the status from B21 IA (visitor visa) to ITAS (Limited Stay Permit) will still be available. This process existed even before the pandemic and will continue to be a viable option for individuals who wish to extend their stay in Indonesia.

Changes in Visa Health Requirements

As we are slightly surpassing the pandemic situation, the need to provide additional documents such as vaccination certificates and
health insurance is proposed to no longer be mandatory for visa applications.

When will the regulations become effective?

While the regulations have been proposed, it may take some time for the immigration authorities to update the other regulations accordingly. There may be a new circular issued by the immigration authorities in the near future. This circular could provide further guidance and updates on visa regulations, including any changes to the visa application process or requirements. Therefore, it is important to keep updated and stay on top of the Indonesian visa regulations. Check out our articles to understand the latest visa updates in Indonesia.

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