Family KITAS

Family KITAS (or Spouse Visa) can be obtained by a foreigner who are officially married to an Indonesian citizen (as well as their children) or to a foreigner who has Work KITAS or Investor KITAS (as well as their children).

For individuals who are legally married to an Indonesian citizen, this visa is granted for 5 years (with the requirement of an annual renewal) or for the same duration as the spouse’s KITAS.

NOTE: Only immediate family members (spouses and kids) are eligible to receive a family KITAS visa.

The e-visa application procedure takes 7–10 business days, and customers must enter Indonesia within 90 days of the e-visa’s issuance date.

Family KITAS

You must exchange your Vitas for Investor Kitas once you’ve arrived in Indonesia. It will take this process roughly 10 to 14 working days. An appointment time for a biometric session will be given to you after you have turned in your passport at the immigration office. Following the procedure, you will obtain your investor kitas (also known as an Itas) online along with your passport back.


9.000.000 IDR

Processing time: 7-10 working days

Passport identity page (validity 18 months)
Colored Passport Photo
Marriage certificate / Surat Bukti Lapor
ID Card (KTP) of Indonesian spouse
Family Card (Kartu Keluarga) of Indonesian Spouse
Birth Certificate (akta Lahir) of Indonesian spouse
Bank statement of Indonesian spouse with a minimum balance of IDR 20.000.000
A Certificate of No Impediment (CNI) if married outside Indonesia
Domicile letter from sub-district (kantor kelurahan) or domicile letter from Building Management
Address in Indonesia
Vaccine Card (full doses - 2)
Birth Certificate (if applicant is biological child of foreigner & indonesian marriage)

E-visa 314
MERP & ITAS for 1 year
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