D.I.Y Academy

D.I.Y Academy is an initiative aimed to educate, empower, and inspire the youth, aka “Developing Independent Youth”.

D.I.Y focuses on the Future of the Workforce and Job and its related important issues, and opportunities. Our business model is hybridized through investing in human capital, programs and places which creates an ecosystem producing talents, businesses, entrepreneurs and opening up more opportunities that are interconnected locally and globally.

Indonesia and Southeast Asia alone will face a lack of economic opportunity and employment (12.1%), hence lack of education (15.9%), and poverty (29.2%), lastly inequality in income & education (30.8%).

In a sense, there is a huge education and employment mismatch in Indonesia. The very high demand for skilled workers in 4.0 industry does not match the skill profiles of Indonesian workforce who graduated from either high school or vocational school, even university.

D.I.Y has been conducting its pilot programs for incubating and training batches of youth in Indonesia for future job readliness including deeper technologies, programming, high-level multimedia production, multi-lingual learnings and cross-disciplinary executive training.

Workforce hiring pipelines have been built with corporates in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia and others in Asia.